ready to run


The Debut EP


Bay Area born and raised, Larissa Waters has made her way from the back row of the choir to the backing vocal mic to the forefront of her first solo effort. "Ready to Run" finds its way through love and loss, dreams and reality; at times chilling, other times sweet. Some might hear the influence of being raised on healthy doses of Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd and BB King or her later love of artists like PJ Harvey, Feist, Patty Griffin and Fink. A patchwork of musical tastes and a natural attraction to sounds that have a certain timelessness to them, shape the songwriting and performances Larissa brings to her debut. Bolstered by the talents of long-term collaborator, Jeff Campbell (Static & Surrender, Pine & Battery), and producer/multi-instrumentalist, Gawain Matthews, "Ready to Run" is sure to sink its hooks in you. 


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